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We cover and protect! Covercraft is the #1 source for custom automotive protection worldwide. Since 1965, CoverCraft has been the leaders in quality and innovation with manufacturing through the US and abroad. CoverCraft may have begun their legacy with Custom Car Covers, but they have expanded that quality and innovation into Custom Seat Covers, Dash Covers, Front End Covers, Sun Shades, and more! With over 450,000 custom patterns and a growing brand family including ADCO, Carver, Colgan, DashMat, GT Covers, Marathon Seat Covers, PrecisionFit, and PCI. Not to mention, exclusively licensed partnerships with Carhartt, Ford, Prym1 Camo, Tommy Bahama and Winnebago; Covercraft is the go-to place for any of your Car, SUV, Truck, Van, Motorcycle, RV, or Boat needs.

Vehicle specific custom Sunscreen Heat Shields are useful at the beach, work, airport or anywhere you park. Not only are they effective at blocking out harmful UV rays, they can significantly reduce the amount of heat build up inside your car, truck or SUV by reflecting the direct sunlight away from the vehicle. This means that your vehicle is more comfortable to get into on a hot day and reduces the chances of the inside surfaces being too hot to touch. Another benefit to using a sunscreen is that when the interior of your vehicle is cooler, your air conditioning system does not have to work as hard to reduce the heat. Browse through all of our different sunscreen options available for just about any vehicle on the road.

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Front End Covers - LeBra, Colgan, Custom Hood Protector, CoverCraft

Shield your vehicle's front-end from road wear, with a premium, custom car bra. Covercraft's car bras are custom crafted specifically for your vehicle. Designed to fit the contours of your car while providing maximum coverage, these front-end covers are stylish and offer the ultimate in protection. Originally developed in Germany for track testing vehicles off the production line, masks have long been considered a necessity for any car owner wanting to protect the area of the car, that takes the most abuse on the road - the front end, especially the leading edge of the hood and any painted areas around the grille. Often called bras, these protective products are custom fitted and offer an inexpensive, effective and attractive way to keep the front of your vehicle looking new. Protect your vehicle from road debris, bugs, salt, weather, and so much more. Colgan Vs. Lebra: Both options provide a superior fit, exact cut-outs for lights, and a bold look. The big difference is Colgan will have extra padding to provide maximum ding protection.

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Car Covers

This is a CoverCraft Car Cover for any vehicle for any purpose. From Wolf Ready Fit to CoverCrafter Create Your Own, the options available exceed 800,000 options. Get the coverage you need and the look you love with CoverCraft. Pick from:

  • CoverCrafter Create Your Own Car Cover
  • Wolf Ready Fit Car Cover
  • Noah Custom Car Cover
  • Form-Fit Custom Car Cover
  • Viewshield Car Cover
  • PowerSport Covers
  • Interior Covers for Convertibles
  • Custom Cab Area Covers
  • Ford Logo Car Cover
  • Carhartt Work Truck Cover
  • WeatherShield Car Cover
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Carhartt Carhartt Rugged Protection now offered in:
  • Seat Covers - PrecisionFit, SeatSavers and Mossy Oak Camouflage
  • Custom Sunscreens
  • Work Truck Covers
  • Custom Cargo Area Liners
  • Seatback Organizers
  • Dash Covers
  • Tool Bags
  • Backpacks
  • Lunch & Cooler Bags
  • Duffel Bags
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Carhartt Cargo Mats
Carhartt Cargo Mats

CoverCraft has great vehicle floor mat solutions from Carhartt Cargo Mat to Plush Premier Carpet or Berber Floor Mats. Carhartt Custom Cargo Area Liners protect the interior of your SUV, Crossover or Wagon with Carhartt Toughness custom-fit to your exact vehicle. Carhartt Liners are available in Brown or Gravel Grey. Protect the value of your SUV while adding the iconic style and protection Carhartt is known for. We have a full line of Carhartt Seat Covers to complement our Cargo Liners if you want the ultimate Carhartt protection.

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Dash Covers

Key Features & Benefits

  • Custom fit to the vehicle's dash
  • Helps stop dashboard cracks and warping
  • Reduces hazardous windshield glare
  • Protects the dash from UV rays
  • All vents and sensor openings pre-cut for a factory finish look
  • Passenger-side airbag opening included where applicable
  • Personalize With Embroidery, Lifestyle Logos, or Official Ford Logos


  • Original DashMat (Carpet) - The Original DashMat is still the #1 dashcover
  • VelourMat - Soft and elegant high-quality foam-backed velour
  • SuedeMat - The rich appearance and feel of suede-like fabric
  • Ltd. Edition - Compliments technical fabrics in newer vehicles
  • Carhartt Ltd. Edition - Classic Carhartt Styling
  • Ultimat - Soft molded carpet - The best fitting best looking dashcover on the market
Note: Speakers are generally covered, however there are occasions that we do not cover them depending on the complexity of the speaker and/or if the speaker may be raised or not.

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Premier Floor/Cargo Mats
Premier Floor/Cargo Mats

CoverCraft has great vehicle floor mat solutions from Carhartt Cargo Mat to Plush Premier Carpet or Berber Floor Mats. Premier Plush Custom Carpet floor mats offer elegant and stylish floor mat protection in 11 color options.

  • Protect the vehicle's original carpet
  • Thick nylon carpet with cloth trim
  • Rubberized nibbed backing
  • Security grommet(s) if original on vehicle
  • 11 Color Options
  • 1-Year Warranty
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Seat Covers

Seat covers help protect seats from daily abuse – kids, dogs, dirt, spills, bad weather, weekend adventures – a good quality seat cover can help keep your seats looking new for years. Protect your investment in your vehicle, increase your resale or trade-in value, enjoy your ride more while you own the vehicle….there are so many benefits to using a great quality seat cover!

All Covercraft seat covers are easy-on/easy-off and are machine washable. Covercraft SeatSavers™ are custom tailored for a perfect fit and include headrest and armrest covers where applicable. Choose from our traditional polycotton fabric, Carhartt Duck Weave, Carhartt Mossy Oak Camo, Prym1 Camo or our waterproof polyester. All of our custom seat covers are designed to keep your seat protected while complementing the interior.

For the ultimate fit, comfort, and durability in seat covers, we have a new PrecisionFit line. These seat covers will fit your vehicle with a snug-fit and are foam-backed for comfort. Choose from our Legendary Carhartt Seat Covers or our Endura Waterproof Seat Covers.

Work Truck seat covers help reduce fleet maintenance cost; the durable denim weight fabric is like “jeans for your seats”. And for hardworking line crews and oil field work we even offer a water-proof fabric.

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Canine Covers
Canine Covers

Canine Covers® provide a comfortable way for “man’s best friend” to travel, while protecting vehicle seating surfaces, floor, seat back and cargo area from pet hair, scuffing and “accidents”. Canine Covers are the ultimate seat protectors for people who travel with dogs and want to maintain the interior appearance of their car or SUV. The first Canine Cover was developed in 1998 and the program now includes both custom and universal-type seat protectors and a plush, easy-to-clean dog bed for home use or travel.

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